The Fabletics Marketing Campaign Created by Kate Hudson

There is a lot of admiration for the moves that Kate Hudson has been made with publicizing her Fabletics brand. This is a company that she co-founded, and it has become one of the top selling retail brands for women that look for athletic clothing. There is a brother company called FL2 that is run by her brother that sells retail athletic gear for men. This brand is still budding, but Fabletics has bloomed into one of the biggest competitors against other rival companies such as Amazon. Kate Hudson is the one to thank for this transition into the spotlight. She has helped Fabletics become a name that is known in many households, and she really feels that she’s just getting started.


The Fabletics brand has moved in a powerful way because it is drawing offline customers. Kate Hudson already has a dozen stores in play, but she is planning to add even more to improve the chances of competing successfully in the athletic clothing industry. Many women that are buying clothes are going to take this into consideration. Don’t know if they have the ability to try on clothes and go into a Fabletics store they may be more inclined to make purchases. This is what Kate Hudson is banking on. She has already created a good online community and sales are booming as a result of this. She realizes, however, that there is much greater growth when she is able build a brick-and-mortar stores and get consumers that have never considered the possibility of shopping online. This is something that she is working on fearlessly because many companies are doing the opposite. There are a lot of company leaders that are scared to open more stores and many are closing the stores are already in existence in search of an online crowd.


Kate Hudson believes that she can have a significant amount of growth if she builds a business structure that caters to customers online and offline. She has the numbers in place from the stores that are already in existence, and she believes that there is a lot more room for growth offline. This is why he’s going forward with this plan to open 100 stores in the next five years. This is the most aggressive that anyone has ever seen Kate Hudson when it comes to the Fabletics brand. She is trying hard to establish a level of brand loyalty and customer brand awareness that may not be available if she only keeps the brand online.


Kate Hudson is willing to do the work with promoting, and co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg are 100% behind her. They realize that she is taking a step in the right direction, and they are doing what they can to provide her with the data she needs to go forward. The Fabletics brand has become popular in the social media circle, and Kate hopes to gain the same type of audience offline as she continues to compete with Amazon.

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