Squaw Valley Officials See Light At The End Of Water Well Issue

The weather is well known for causing a range of problems around the world and recently hit California’s Placer County hard as a heavier than expected rainstorm caused problems for many water well users across this historic Winter sports region of the U.S. One of the well owners affected by an inundation of contaminated water into its drinking water wells was the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which saw four wells serving its Upper Mountain area contaminated with traces of E.Coli and Coliform; the speedy response of Squaw Valley officials has been praised as it avoided any medical or health problems occurring due to the contaminated water supply.


Placer County Environmental Health Director Wesley Nicks has already praised the work done by Squaw Valley and explained the joint mission between his employees and a team of independent water experts to return the water supply to normal levels is already proving a success. Three of the four isolated wells that were contaminated by the rainstorm have already seen the presence of E.Coli completely removed and levels of Coliform lowered to close to safe levels.


Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director also released a statement to explain no visitors were ever offered contaminated water and the initial contamination was both identified and self reported by the Squaw Valley team. Kenney went on to explain the contamination is only affecting four wells serving the isolated Upper Mountain region of the ski slopes where restaurants and public water supplies were turned off as soon as the contamination was identified by the water testing procedures put into place by Squaw Valley. Visitors to Squaw Valley have the opportunity to ski all the slopes of the mountain and are being provided with complimentary bottled water when passing through areas affected by the water supply problems that struck wells updated as recently as the Summer of 2016.

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