Cotemar’s Success Has Been Built on Old-Fashioned Principles

Cotemar is a name that is often associated with Mexican offshore petroleum work, but not everyone fully understands what the company does. Cotemar has been in operation since 1979, and provides key operational support for oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, Cotemar focuses on four main areas of support:
1) accommodations and food for rig crews,
2) maritime and specialized ocean transport for equipment movement,
3) rig construction and related engineering for fabrication and modifications to existing constructs, and
4) harvested petroleum transport via tankers.

Their success as an industrial support vendor in the offshore oil business has been built Cotemar a solid loyalty from customers. Much of that loyalty has been based on Cotemar’s dedication to value, doing the job right the first time, and always giving the client what was expected and ordered. Dependability and trustworthiness have been the twin cornerstones of Cotemar’s services, which in turn has created a strong portfolio of return customers and long-term business accounts at No surprise, that in turn has produced for Cotemar over 35 years of revenue and company growth.

It’s been a long time now since 1979, and Cotemar is partnered today with some of the biggest names in offshore oil mining in the Gulf. For example, Cotemar has maintained a long relationship with Pemex, the Mexican national oil conglomerate. In addition, Cotemar has been able to expand operations into running its own rigs as well. And the company has repeatedly invested in significant capital investments in the last few years, most notably expanding its ocean fleet with state of the art vessels on

Given the world’s demand for oil and petroleum products continuing to grow, Cotemar fully expects to be in the offshore oil business for another 35 years on

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