Copa Star Shines in the Healthcare Sky of Brazil

Copa Star, an ultra-modern, world-class hospital in Rio de Janeiro, is shining in the healthcare space of Brazil by providing qualified and high-quality treatments to its patients. It took almost three years to complete the construction and opened in October 2016, after much anticipation from the Rio residents. It is located near world-famous Copacabana beach in the South Zone of Rio. The hospital combines sophisticated technology with luxury to offer the best solutions. The hospital is constructed and managed by Rede D’Or São Luiz, one of the largest hospital network group in Brazil with decades of experience. The architectural designs of the hospital remind its visitors a five-star hospital with all the required luxuries available. Read more about Copa Star at

The hospital is built over a space of approximately 21,000 square meters, and the amenities inside it ensure patient level autonomy. Every hospital bed has a tab with the Copa Star app installed. This app helps the patients to control the surroundings flawlessly and adjust temperature, window sills, lightings, contact doctors and nurses, etc. The doctors also can depend the same tab to show the test results and other relevant documents related to the treatment of the patients. It is built at an estimated cost of $400 million, and it provides Rio people not to travel to other cities for high-quality treatments on cardio surgery and neurosurgery. Copa Star has highly trained and experienced staff who can handle any complex medical conditions professionally.

The management of the hospital confirms that it create a positive ambiance for the quick recovery of the patients from the illness and medical conditions. The refreshing warming air with fragrances inside the hospital building is something not experienced in other hospitals. The corridors and hospital rooms are decorated by the artworks of Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The management has constructed a separate path for stretchers and hospital staff to commute between, and this means that the hospital corridors are entirely given to patients and their relatives. It has 550 staff in total which includes 113 highly qualified physicians. Each of its new employees receives two months mandatory training which includes how to handle patients, managing complex situations, behaving professionally with patients, and more.

The hospital is enabled with art-deco medical equipment along with hybrid rooms, intelligent operations rooms, integrated magnetic resonance equipment, neurosurgery rooms, telemedicine and robotic medicine, etc. While many people think that the hospital only accepts private patients, the Executive Director of the group Marcelo Pina confirms that it also accepts various types of insurance plans that are popular in Rio. He pointed out that Copa Star is totally focused on the well-being of the patients, the comfortableness of their relatives, and proper environment for medical assistants based on the international standards of healthcare. Read more at