Brian Bonar: A Name You Can Trust For Your Financial Management Needs

In 2010, Brain Bonar, CEO of DFG (Dalrada Financial Group), became an Executive of a Year in Finance in a Cambridge “Who’s Who annual list.” Each year, the selection committee picks two males and females to honor them with that award, depending on the leadership skills, professional achievements, and academic accomplishments.

Brian Bonar has been in the financial segment for more than three decades and has earned an extensive wealth of knowledge during that period. Under the leadership of Bonar, DFG and many other organizations have cemented an inspiring legacy in the finance field.

Bonar got his bachelor’s degree in Glasgow from the University of Strathclyde, following a graduate and doctorate from Stafford University in the United Kingdom.

Brian Bonar has worked as Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994. His work ethic and dedication saw him raise the ranks with one promotion following the other.

Brian Bonar, a Scottish expert in finance, has held positions in many institutions in his eminent career. Besides his positions at DFG, he is presently a Chairman and CEO of Trucept Inc., formerly known as Star-Tek Solutions, which is a title that he has held since 2010. Brian is also an acting CEO and CFO of Amanda Co. Inc., whereas, before that, he worked as Treasurer, CFO, and Secretary as well.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar started his career as a procurement manager at IBM, and he was responsible for outsourcing motherboards for personal computers produced and then sold by IBM. After leaving IBM, Brain took a position in QMS as Director of Engineering. During his initial years with QMA, he was able to manage a team of 100 engineers involved in hardware and software development.

Bonar left that position In June 1989 and became Rastek Corporation’s VP Sales and Marketing in search for a more challenging and growing career. At Rastek he expanded sales and marketing of printing technology to the clienteles all across the globe.

During his period with Rastek, he became so touch with the industry printing that he took an opportunity as sales manager for Adaptec. Adaptec hired him to work closely with major Japanese and Korean companies who manufactured printers.

After a year he decided to become an entrepreneur, and he became the CEO and founder of Bezier Systems. Because of his extensive experience in that printing industry, Bezier became the pioneer to design and market a SCSI based printer.

By 2008 Brain’s started looking for new challenges and that’s how he joined Allegiant Professional Business Services as president and assisted them to improve their sales and marketing department.

Other companies that Boner has served in diverse capacities include; QMS, Inc. Rastek Corporation, Greenland Corp, The Solvis Group, Inc., and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., to name a few.