Swiss Startup Factory Co Founder Mike Baur

One of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland is Mike Baur. He is the co founder of a company called Swiss Startup Factory which specializes in helping startup businesses succeed. The company has a unique model in which it provides startups with the assistance it needs in order to reach its full potential. As well as being an entrepreneur, Mike has also spent a considerable amount of his time investing in startups. This allowed him to get first hand experience with these types of companies. This activity was very successful for him and was a catalyst for his eventual entrance into entrepreneurship. During the beginning of his career, Mike worked for a number of banking firms in which he would frequently assist entrepreneurs with financing.


Baur co founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 which instantly became one of the more innovative companies around. With Swiss Startup Factory, numerous entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their idea for a business to Mike. He will then evaluate each business idea and then decide on which ideas to support. If chosen, these entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive mentorship, coaching and funding to help them more easily reach their many goals.


While Mike Baur is currently an entrepreneur, he has also been an investor as well. For a decade Mike invested in a number of new emerging startup companies. This allowed him to learn more about the potential of these types of companies as well as earn a lucrative income. Investing in startup companies also allowed Mike to find out about the advantages and potential of these kinds of businesses. This experience would also lead to Mike’s decision to become an entrepreneur as well.


When Mike started his career, he began working in the banking industry. As a banking professional, Mike would frequently meet with entrepreneurs to discuss their goals. Since many of them were in need of capital to meet their objectives, Mike would gladly assist them by providing them with loans. These were used to help the entrepreneurs finance their operations as well as their expansion. As a banking professional, Mike would also evaluate each business to learn more about its profit potential. He would also provide advice to business owners in order to help them find the best ways to finance their current and future activities.