Brian Bonar the Man behind Dalrada Financial’s Success

Brian Bonar is a financial enthusiast as well as an investment professional based in the heart of San Diego, California. As chairperson and CEO of Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar has steered the company in focusing on the clients’ needs in matters finances and insurance.

A look at the products and services the company offers reveals the following some of the company’s key areas of focus; Tax strategy and deferred techniques, debit cards, supplemental plans in insurance and payroll advances as some of the specialties offered to their clients. Vision insurance, group dental coverage including dental insurance top the list of their financial products.

According to Bloomberg, an analysis on Brian Bonar reveals the mystery behind Dalrada Financial’s success. Bonar is considered a distinguished professional. Cambridge acknowledged this fact by honoring Bonar with the Financial Executive Award.

In order for one to guide a company or a group to realize their goals, skills are an essential. Bonar is no different to this doctrine. He is a specialty in the following areas; contract negotiations, management consultancy, corporate development, private equity, turnaround management, mergers & acquisitions, sales, strategic partnerships, competitive assessments, entrepreneurship, process improvement, business planning, startup organizations and angel investing among others. These skills have been instrumental in shaping his career and the organizations he has worked for.

A look at Brian Bonar’s life does reveal quite a few details on his trajectory in the financial field. He received a mechanical engineering degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland. He furthered his studies to earn an MBA and a Ph.D. in International Business from Stafford University in England.

Bonar’s corporate life dates back to 1984 where he held the position of Executive Director of Engineering at QMS Inc. for 4 years. In 1988, Bonar became the Vice President in charge of sales and marketing in Rastek Corp up until 1990 and also served as a Worldwide Sales Manager in Adaptec Inc. till 1991.

His skills in sales and marketing landed him in Bezier Systems Inc., where he served as the Vice President of Marketing and Worldwide Sales. Bonar joined Dalrada Financial in 1992 and went on to serve in its sales department as a Director in Technology Sales up until 1994.

His move to Dalrada Financial marked his rise in the company holding various positions including Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Chief Accounting Officer in an acting capacity and Chief Operating Officer all significant roles that would end in Bonar holding the Chairperson and the company’s CEO positions.

Brian Bonar’s wealth of experience has been instrumental in his career including his position as the President of Tradeshow Products, CEO in Smart-Tek Automated Services, Chairperson and Secretary of Warning Management and Acting CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Amanda Co. since 2000.

Mr. Bonar’s experience in the corporate scene is in no doubt and probably the secret behind Dalrada Financial’s accomplishments.