Why is education so important for the development of a country?

The technical knowledge, the quality education that a community has access to opens many doors not only for the nation’s reputation and development but also for their self-interests and dreams as well. Education is one of the most important sectors and rights present in the U.S. Federation law and sometimes it doesn’t receive the proper attention that it deserves.

Betsy DeVos understands the importance of an educational system that encompasses every economic class and every type of family in the U.S. with quality education for everyone. Seems like a utopian dream right? But Betsy DeVos has already made tons of progress in the area, and she is now the newest U.S. secretary of education, leading her nation into a better place for every student in the country. Read more about their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org.

Here’s a brief story of the woman who has been fighting for education for over thirty years now.

The reformer Betsy DeVos is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, from who she borrowed the last name in marriage. Both make one of the most influential philanthropic couples in America, and they have contributed towards a more stable and better educational system through some different initiatives, funding, and partnerships with foundations.

The couple founded together with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, where, more importantly, Betsy DeVos has already contributed to many capital charities towards schools and education agencies that were trying to offer quality education for low-income families but could use a little bit of help from people of power. She is the chairman of the foundation and Betsy, and her husband does most of their charities through it.

Besides fighting for education, Betsy Devos also contributes towards other goals that she thinks would do good for the people of the U.S. and the culture of the country, including being part of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center and the Mars Hill Bible Church.

Continuing her contributions towards the discipline, she is part of the Kids Hope USA, where she has led committees and helped raise awareness of the educational issue where many parents can’t afford quality education for their children, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, who serves the same purpose of finding solutions for the development of the department.

Betsy is a woman of many talents, having also learned with the school of law, becoming a renowned advocate in the fight for a renovation of the education department called “educational choice movement.” Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Betsy and Dick DeVos met each other when they were at the age of high school, and both studied at Potter’s House Christian School, which they would later visit again and again to check how the school was doing regarding students and the quality of education.

There, they realized the harsh reality of many families not being able to put their children in good schools because of their monetary conditions, even though education was a priority. That realization made the couple become one of the most influential philanthropists alive today.

The Contamination Report of the Drinking Water at Squaw Valley

On November 8, 2016, a possible issue was reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. The report was in regards of the coliform bacteria and the E. coli that had been detected in the upper mountain of Squaw Valley’s drinking water.



Since the announcement was made, there had been ongoing treatments done to the water in efforts to combat the potential problem that is very harmful to the health of the people that drink the water. There are four wells altogether. Three of those wells have been cleared up significantly. There are no more signs of E. coli, and the coliform bacteria is almost non-existent in the test results of the water. The statement was made by Mrs Wesley Nicks who is the director of Placer County Environmental Health. Mrs Wesley Nicks also added that there had been no signals of health issues. That is due to the closing of the restaurants located on the upper mountain. The skiers have also been banned from drinking the water until officially stated otherwise. The skiing is still available from the top to the mountain to its base.



The Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows – Mrs Liesl Kenny, provided a full public statement regarding the potential health issue. In the statement was explained exactly how the water came to be polluted – there had been extremely heavy downpours and storms. They had affected many of the water systems including Squaw Valley. Due to that a new water system was installed during the summer which had caused the pollution and the contamination of the otherwise safe drinking water. It is also stated the contaminated water had never been available to the public and the people had been safe all along. They took accurate measures immediately. The constant testing of the water and the consultations with world’s leading experts in water safety had been of significant help. While this issue was being resolved, the resort provided all of their customers with free bottled water along with frequent updates about the situation. The resort aims to remain completely transparent about the situation and will continue to provide information.

Squaw Valley Officials See Light At The End Of Water Well Issue

The weather is well known for causing a range of problems around the world and recently hit California’s Placer County hard as a heavier than expected rainstorm caused problems for many water well users across this historic Winter sports region of the U.S. One of the well owners affected by an inundation of contaminated water into its drinking water wells was the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which saw four wells serving its Upper Mountain area contaminated with traces of E.Coli and Coliform; the speedy response of Squaw Valley officials has been praised as it avoided any medical or health problems occurring due to the contaminated water supply.


Placer County Environmental Health Director Wesley Nicks has already praised the work done by Squaw Valley and explained the joint mission between his employees and a team of independent water experts to return the water supply to normal levels is already proving a success. Three of the four isolated wells that were contaminated by the rainstorm have already seen the presence of E.Coli completely removed and levels of Coliform lowered to close to safe levels.


Liesl Kenney, Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director also released a statement to explain no visitors were ever offered contaminated water and the initial contamination was both identified and self reported by the Squaw Valley team. Kenney went on to explain the contamination is only affecting four wells serving the isolated Upper Mountain region of the ski slopes where restaurants and public water supplies were turned off as soon as the contamination was identified by the water testing procedures put into place by Squaw Valley. Visitors to Squaw Valley have the opportunity to ski all the slopes of the mountain and are being provided with complimentary bottled water when passing through areas affected by the water supply problems that struck wells updated as recently as the Summer of 2016.