Reasons Behind The Success of InnovaCare

The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries. Without it, many other industries would be affected and the world would be in chaos. However, thanks to the availability of quality healthcare services, most people are able to go to work in their various industries and touch or improve the quality of the lives of others, through their services or products. So, I would like to recognize a company that plays a very big role in the North American healthcare industry, InnovaCare.InnovaCare is a leading provider for managed the best healthcare services. It mainly deals in the provision of physician services, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. Today, the company boast of having over 200,000 loyal clients. This has been made possible by a number of factors. First, there is the fact that the company operates in a network, with 7,500 providers- to be precise. This has increased the number of referals that they get.

Other than being in a huge network of medical care providers, InnovaCare is able to win over customers by offering quality services. Since day one, the company has always been dedicated to offering quality services, but at a lower cost. They have managed to find ways to make it possible for the people of North America to receive quality health care services without paying much. Consequently, they have managed to make their services accessible to nearly everyone.It is hard to talk about the success of InnovaCare without mentioning its leadership. Besides, it is its leadership that is instrumental in formulating and implementing the policies that make InnovaCare a leading healthcare provider.

On the steering wheel, we have Rick Shinto. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, over two decades of those being in leadership positions, he is automatically the best fit for the leadership of InnovaCare. Before he came to work for InnovaCare, Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc. He had worked for Aveta Inc since the year 2008 to the year 2012 and that was where he met Penelope Kokkinides.Penelope Kokkinides is also in the leadership of InnovaCare. She joined InnovaCare as the Chief Operations Officer. However, her winning strategies and her knowledge in healthcare plans got her to be promoted and she is currently the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare.

Copa Star Shines in the Healthcare Sky of Brazil

Copa Star, an ultra-modern, world-class hospital in Rio de Janeiro, is shining in the healthcare space of Brazil by providing qualified and high-quality treatments to its patients. It took almost three years to complete the construction and opened in October 2016, after much anticipation from the Rio residents. It is located near world-famous Copacabana beach in the South Zone of Rio. The hospital combines sophisticated technology with luxury to offer the best solutions. The hospital is constructed and managed by Rede D’Or São Luiz, one of the largest hospital network group in Brazil with decades of experience. The architectural designs of the hospital remind its visitors a five-star hospital with all the required luxuries available. Read more about Copa Star at

The hospital is built over a space of approximately 21,000 square meters, and the amenities inside it ensure patient level autonomy. Every hospital bed has a tab with the Copa Star app installed. This app helps the patients to control the surroundings flawlessly and adjust temperature, window sills, lightings, contact doctors and nurses, etc. The doctors also can depend the same tab to show the test results and other relevant documents related to the treatment of the patients. It is built at an estimated cost of $400 million, and it provides Rio people not to travel to other cities for high-quality treatments on cardio surgery and neurosurgery. Copa Star has highly trained and experienced staff who can handle any complex medical conditions professionally.

The management of the hospital confirms that it create a positive ambiance for the quick recovery of the patients from the illness and medical conditions. The refreshing warming air with fragrances inside the hospital building is something not experienced in other hospitals. The corridors and hospital rooms are decorated by the artworks of Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The management has constructed a separate path for stretchers and hospital staff to commute between, and this means that the hospital corridors are entirely given to patients and their relatives. It has 550 staff in total which includes 113 highly qualified physicians. Each of its new employees receives two months mandatory training which includes how to handle patients, managing complex situations, behaving professionally with patients, and more.

The hospital is enabled with art-deco medical equipment along with hybrid rooms, intelligent operations rooms, integrated magnetic resonance equipment, neurosurgery rooms, telemedicine and robotic medicine, etc. While many people think that the hospital only accepts private patients, the Executive Director of the group Marcelo Pina confirms that it also accepts various types of insurance plans that are popular in Rio. He pointed out that Copa Star is totally focused on the well-being of the patients, the comfortableness of their relatives, and proper environment for medical assistants based on the international standards of healthcare. Read more at

Rick Shinto Announces Entry of New Executives to InnovaCare Health Firm

InnovaCare Health firm values quality medical care. The company lays strict emphasis on recruitment of qualified professionals to ensure stability, sufficient medical services, and professional growth. InnovaCare Health values teamwork. According to Rick Shinto, good communication and proper working relationships are core ingredients to the greater success of the firm. The mission statement of InnovaCare is to redefine the healthcare management industry to ensure absolute transparency. View the company profile at LinkedIn.


InnovaCare Health outfit has two Medicare cover affiliations: PMC Medicare and the MMM Healthcare choice. Both medical covers are accredited with the NCQA accreditation. NCQA accreditation is only issued when a healthcare company meets and goes beyond the quality assurance expectations. They combine quality improvement standards and patient protection to determine which firm gets or is denied the accreditation. They offer premium care programs, which promote the emotional and physical well-being of the customers. From the feedback on their website, Rick Shinto indicates that the patient satisfaction is at 90 percent, an indicative factor that the company and the two Medicare covers are a success.

Rick Shinto is a leader in the medical industry, as the CEO of the InnovaCare Health, Shinto offers tremendous technical experience and leadership of over two decades of service in clinical and research healthcare. He won the Young and Ernst Entrepreneur of the year while serving in Aveta firm. The award appreciates Entrepreneurs committed to excellence. He began his career as a pulmonologist intern in Southern California. He once was the vice president of the Medical Management Company. Orange County’s Cal Optima is yet another firm where Rick Shinto worked as the chief medical officer. Also, he was the primary operation and medical director of the pathways pharmaceutical company before moving to NAMM California and later to InnovaCare Health firm.

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Writing Career and Education Background

As a healthcare authority, Shinto has authored several books and published articles on diverse health issues such as clinical medicine. Rick graduated with a degree in Business Studies from the University of California proceeded to the Redlands University where he got his M.B.A , and later progressed to the State University of New York to acquire a medical degree.

Expansion of Executive Team

InnovaCare Health firm recently added three more professionals including Penelope Kokkinides to the executive team. Since joining the InnovaCare family, the new employees have offered valuable services attracting a huge customer base. With the guidance of Rick Shinto, better medical care has been made more available to the Puerto Rican residents.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Two leaders of InnovaCare You Can Depend on for all Your Medical Needs

No matter who you are, health care is important. A good health care provider can help you through any medical emergency. But, not many of the best providers are affordable to the majority of people. So where can you go to get affordable quality that’s still top of the line? InnovaCare Health, that’s where. InnovaCare uses top of the line technology and sustainable health care practices that are every bit as good as the most expensive private practitioners. And, with their two avenues of care; Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage, they can provide that high end care at an affordable rate that works with a large number of insurance companies.

But a company, even one like InnovaCare, is only as good as its leadership. Fortunately, InnovaCare Health is in the more than capable hands of people like CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides. These two are shining examples of the leadership in place at InnovaCare. They each have the experience, dedication and knowledge to provide the best health care possible.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been a high powered doctor for over 20 years, and has worked in several medical institutions. He has worked in such groups as Aveta, Inc., NAMM California, and Medical Management, among many others.

Penelopy Kokkinides brings a much different, but no less important skill set to the table. Penelope Kokkinides is the one ensuring that your care is affordable. She brings over 20 years of experience dealing with government programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and has a great deal of knowledge on what goes into making an effective medical plan. Her past jobs include such fine institutions as Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice. Learn more on Biz Journals about Penelope Kokkinides.

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These two are strong leaders for a strong health care provider. With people like them at the helm, you know you can trust InnovaCare to provide you with low cost, high quality health care.