How Vijay Eswaran is Changing Lives One Entrepreneur at a Time

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and leader of the Asia based QI Group. He is a network marketing specialist that has blazed an incredible path for network marketers to not only succeed, but to leverage their success to help others achieve freedom in their careers and finances and in turn, for those people to help even more people achieve the success they desire. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

The QI Group is nothing if not diverse. They have dozens of subsidiaries that focus on everything from travel to luxury items and they encourage the people they work with to see themselves as entrepreneurs specializing in the aspects that appeal to them.

Eswaran was recently featured in an online publication that showcased how he went from a cab driver working himself to the bone to gain a degree and a corporate career where he again worked himself to the bone to a millionaire with a net worth of $550 million. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

His insight was very powerful. First, he talked about breaking out of your shell and moving past limitations you may have. He talked about how instilled it was in him to work in a traditional corporate environment and the challenges he faced to leave his corporate job and work in network marketing full time.

Second, he focused on how important it was to use network marketing to learn to serve others. He spoke about the day he had the realization of how greatly the people he worked with believed in not his business or corporation, but in him specifically.

Next, Vijay talked about his overarching fundamental knowledge that in order to get we must first give to others. He told an incredible story about the best commission he ever received, which was not in the form of money but a bag of home grown vegetables an elderly lady gave him as a thank you for how much he changed her life.

He also talked about how important it is to look within yourself for inspiration as well as to be truthful and transparent with your audiences. He notes how key these things are in gaining success as a network marketer and in the business world in general.

While the tale of how any individual goes from a cab driver to being worth $550 million is incredible, the story is made that much better due to the fact that you can easily read through the lines to see how passionate Vijay Eswaran and his team are about what they bring to the table and the positive impact they have on the lives of others.