Beneful Benefits Puppy Growth

Beneful puppy food is loaded with everything young dogs need in a nutritious meal. Beneful’s first ingredient is always 100% pure meat and choices are: beef, chicken, or salmon. Next on the ingredient list varies as to what the specific need of the dog is, but there are always healthy ingredients such as: whole grains, eggs, or a variety of veggies. There are even blends that do not have any grains in them for a more sensitive dog’s stomach.

Beneful dog food has several different varieties: with or without grains, with different types of meat and vegetables,and several varieties for a healthy puppy or overweight dogs. Beneful is designed to grow with a puppy, through adulthood to senior status. To help offset the cost of Beneful, the company is offering a three dollar off coupon of their new “Grain Free” products. also offers several varieties of coupons for Beneful products available to different retailers. To know more click here.