How Vijay Eswaran is Changing Lives One Entrepreneur at a Time

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and leader of the Asia based QI Group. He is a network marketing specialist that has blazed an incredible path for network marketers to not only succeed, but to leverage their success to help others achieve freedom in their careers and finances and in turn, for those people to help even more people achieve the success they desire. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

The QI Group is nothing if not diverse. They have dozens of subsidiaries that focus on everything from travel to luxury items and they encourage the people they work with to see themselves as entrepreneurs specializing in the aspects that appeal to them.

Eswaran was recently featured in an online publication that showcased how he went from a cab driver working himself to the bone to gain a degree and a corporate career where he again worked himself to the bone to a millionaire with a net worth of $550 million. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

His insight was very powerful. First, he talked about breaking out of your shell and moving past limitations you may have. He talked about how instilled it was in him to work in a traditional corporate environment and the challenges he faced to leave his corporate job and work in network marketing full time.

Second, he focused on how important it was to use network marketing to learn to serve others. He spoke about the day he had the realization of how greatly the people he worked with believed in not his business or corporation, but in him specifically.

Next, Vijay talked about his overarching fundamental knowledge that in order to get we must first give to others. He told an incredible story about the best commission he ever received, which was not in the form of money but a bag of home grown vegetables an elderly lady gave him as a thank you for how much he changed her life.

He also talked about how important it is to look within yourself for inspiration as well as to be truthful and transparent with your audiences. He notes how key these things are in gaining success as a network marketer and in the business world in general.

While the tale of how any individual goes from a cab driver to being worth $550 million is incredible, the story is made that much better due to the fact that you can easily read through the lines to see how passionate Vijay Eswaran and his team are about what they bring to the table and the positive impact they have on the lives of others.

Trends in Fashion and How Fabletics Enables People to Find their Own Style

One thing that is noticeable in business across various industries is that many people are doing a lot of the same things at a time. This type of phenomenon is often called a trend. People are prone to following the trends so that they can be in. Businesses are the same way, especially with fashion. However, the interesting thing about fashion is that customers that just try to follow trends tend to wind up looking a little sloppy compared to people who have found their own style and are shopping and dressing according to their style. These types of people have their own frustration if they have a very unique style because it is rare to find a store that is selling outside of what is in.


Fortunately, Fabletics is not so caught up in trends. This brand is more focused on what the customer wants. When a customer first visits the website, she is encouraged to sign up and enter in her information about her preferences on the Lifestyle quiz. The data that is collected is used by Fabletics to determine the type of products to direct her to. It also enables the brand to determine what the next new product is going to be.


This technique is called the reverse showroom technique. Many other stores just try to capitalize on what is hot. It doesn’t matter whether customers truly want the items or not. They will focus more on the marketing and the promotions in order to drive up the sales. However, there are usually tons of left over items that need to be marked down so that they will be sold.


The techniques of Fabletics reduces the amount of clothes that are left over. One thing that can be said about Fabletics is that everyone who deals with the brand is a winner. They get high fashion active wear at a discount. Meanwhile, the company offers products that actually sell, even in the online market which can be very tricky for people when it comes to fashion. Fabletics shows the advantages of focusing more on style than trends.

Jeremy Goldstein Improves communication between Lawyers and Clients

Finding an attorney who can deal with issues can be testing more often than not. From petitioning for separation to kid authority and criminal cases, a legal counselor proves to be useful amid an emergency. In the midst of the emergency of finding a legal counselor, New Yorkers would now be able to cheer in light of the fact that The Association of New York State Bar is propelling another online stage for individuals who need an attorney’s administrations. The most impossible to miss highlight in the entrance is the accessibility of the administrations 24 hours consistently. As indicated by the administration of the stage, individuals can get to these administrations through the phone as well.




As per the leader of the State Bar, Claire P. Gutekunst, most people wind up in troublesome circumstances that call for lawful help. With the new online entry, such individuals will have the capacity to get to legitimate administrations at an accommodation. Additionally, their certainty will be coordinated since the administrations are offered secretly. The stage gives a low-weight channel to offering administrations. Notwithstanding trust and dependability, the State Bar gives legal advisors endorsed accreditations. With the New York State Bar of Association having endorsed the qualifications, customers who require lawful administrations can rest guaranteed that the nature of administrations gave by these legal counselors is at an abnormal state.




The Association of New York State Bar set up this advanced innovation stage in the wake of banding together with the This is a national specialist organization of referral administration innovation and additionally the commercial center in the legitimate business. The organization was glad to join forces with a main legal advisors relationship on the planet. In an announcement by the CEO of, Tony Lai, take note of that legal advisors can offer distinctive legitimate administrations to many individuals with ease. This is conceivable through the online stage. As the stage is dependable and can be trusted by numerous, the online goal offers an assortment of attorney administrations.


Jeremy Goldstein


As the originator of an association that advances peace and equity through a point by point comprehension of the law, constitution, and equity, Jeremy Goldstein is a noticeable legal advisor with first rate aptitudes. Jeremy Goldstein is the originator of a law office called Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. Under the administration of Jeremy Goldstein, his law office has dependably been positioning best since the foundation in 1990. Presently, the organization serves around 185 purviews. With an unmatched docket of administrations, Jeremy Goldstein and Associates offers a top to bottom quality of comprehension through publication investigate.


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Scott Rocklage- A prominent scientist and innovator in the healthcare sector

Scott Rocklage is a managing partner of a venture business known as 5AM Ventures. He rose to this position in 2004. Scott Rocklage first joined the firm as a venture partner in 2003, meaning within a year he had been promoted.

Scott Rocklage is a well-experienced individual in the healthcare department. He also has a well-grounded scientific experience. As a scientist, he has contributed immensely in the invention of drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA). He has had three drugs approved.

These are Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan. 5AM Ventures has its operation in the United States. Its offices are located in California, San Francisco, and Waltham. Dr. Scott Rocklage operates from the Waltham offices.

Scott Roklage had worked for numerous organizations before joining 5AM Ventures. Scott Rocklage was the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals as well as Nycomed Salutar. Other companies he has held senior positions of leadership are, Ilypsa, Inc, Amersham Health and Novra Therapeutics among many more. His background in scientific studies has made him a guru in the healthcare sector, pharmaceuticals, and Venture Capital businesses.

Scott Rocklage education: Scott Rocklage holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of California. He is also a holder of a Ph.D. in chemistry from the MIT. In his doctorate studies, Scott Rocklage did some extensive research in the field of chemistry. He was conducting his research in the Richard R. Schrock laboratory.

Richard R. Schrock was a Nobel Prize winner in 2005 for his innovative works in the field of chemistry. As of today, Scott Rockage has about 30 patents to his name. Some as the sole founder and others as a co-founder.

Under the leadership of Scott Rocklage, the 5AM Ventures has been involved in operations that relate to life sciences. The role of 5AM Ventures is to support new startups in the healthcare sector to come up with solutions that are needed in the fields of medicine and science.

Some of the startups that are under 5AM are actively involved in coming up with new ways of diagnosing and treating some of the medical conditions that are yet to have a breakthrough such as cancer.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

The Amazing Career of Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures

Julia Jackson: A Woman Empowered through Wine

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines but she is much more than that. She has always had a passion for wines and the business side of winemaking as well. She graduated with a bachelors from Scripps College, then she got her General Management certificate from the Stanford Graduate College of Business. After college she worked a harvest in Bordeaux, France which she says increased her appreciation for winemaking. At Jackson Family Wines she works to increase marketing so that Sonoma County gets the recognition it deserves for it’s wines. The releases of La Joie, La Muse, and Le DeSir which are all apart of the Verite Brand help to increase the counties reputation with it’s great scores from critics.Julia Jackson

Along with being business savvy and the success of Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson has switched her focus to being the spokeswomen for the non profit organization, Cambria Estates Winery. Its a female owned organization founded by her mother in 1987 that seeks to empower women. They also help financially support other organizations with the same ideals of women development and empowerment. They work on a local and international level to train and encourage women who are changing and making an impact on their communities. Through running the business and the nonprofit organization she is continuing on the legacies of her parents.

Major Upgrade at Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is one of the best kept secrets in California. And, know the four-year Orange County college will be having a new planetarium that is scheduled to open for students and visitors in the fall of 2018. The project began as an ongoing construction program that blossomed when former English and Spanish professor Mary McChesney donated $1 million to the school for completing the project.


Orange Coast College regents recognized a need for a new planetarium several years ago, but total ability to fund the project in the short run did not happen until after Professor McChesney’s contribution. Mary McChesney is now 91 years of age and she taught at the college for 33 years. She also made the donation in the name of her late partner Adelyn Bonin. Bonin had also been an instructor at Orange Coast College teaching German language until she retired in 1983. She passed away in January of 2017. Learn more:


While the seating capacity in the auditorium will be increased from 35 to 129, the real upgrade to the planetarium will be the installation of a Foucault pendulum, which is a device that demonstrates how the Earth rotates. It will be the only device of its type in Orange County, which also includes major universities USC and UCLA. The old planetarium has already been taken down after having been in use since the 1950s, and the new facility is still under construction. This will be an excellent addition to the school’s academic offerings, as the 164-acre college campus is home to 24,000 students pursuing degrees in a wide variety of academic disciplines.


The college was established in 1948 following the end of World War II and is located on grounds that were formerly the United States Santa Ana Army Air Base. OCC was initially opened as a junior college, but is now a four-year accredited college being given that designation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It is very popular among California students who want a full college experience in a relaxed atmosphere even though the campus does occupy 164 acres right on the western coastline of Orange County in Costa Mesa. Learn more:


Igor Cornelsen Explains the Brazilian Banking System to the World

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian banker who was left completely confused as to how the Brazilian banks were doing well at the end of 2014. When the economy does poorly, the banks usually do poorly as well. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

However, when the economy in Brazil went south at the end of 2014, the banks actually continued to do surprisingly well. who was left scratching his head at the anomaly of Brazil’s banks at the end of 2014.

The top two private banks that included Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco saw shares rise by 1/3 during the year of 2014 despite the government’s economic turmoil. Itau’s 3rd quarter net jumped 36% in just 3 months. Bradesco’s rose 28% in that same time frame!

So how did these banks weather this storm? Simple: they are some of the most qualified borrowers who are the most worthy of credit. This streamlines the costs and provides banks with a sense of security to looking ahead to the future. These people with less desirable credit are the ones who will not get the loans that these banks can get.

However, despite how fascinating this is, Igor Cornelsen says that starting 2015 there are more investors from around the world backing the banking in Brazil after the success they had in 2014. Cornelsen finds this interesting as he feels that these investors must understand the “bare-bones” basics that will help the banking system succeed.

However, Igor Cornelsen has some simple tips to understand the banking system in Brazil before anyone tries to invest in these banks.

These tips include the understanding that there are only about 10 major players in the entire banking system in Brazil, but adding one or two fresh faces to that entire equation could cause the tides to turn on the banks that have been successful to date.

China is the largest trade partner Brazil has, so if the Chinese economy has a downturn it could affect the Brazilian economy as well. Brazil has for a long time had overvalued currency, so if they were to devalue their currency they will end up hurting their banking business.

Reasons Behind The Success of InnovaCare

The healthcare industry is one of the most important industries. Without it, many other industries would be affected and the world would be in chaos. However, thanks to the availability of quality healthcare services, most people are able to go to work in their various industries and touch or improve the quality of the lives of others, through their services or products. So, I would like to recognize a company that plays a very big role in the North American healthcare industry, InnovaCare.InnovaCare is a leading provider for managed the best healthcare services. It mainly deals in the provision of physician services, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. Today, the company boast of having over 200,000 loyal clients. This has been made possible by a number of factors. First, there is the fact that the company operates in a network, with 7,500 providers- to be precise. This has increased the number of referals that they get.

Other than being in a huge network of medical care providers, InnovaCare is able to win over customers by offering quality services. Since day one, the company has always been dedicated to offering quality services, but at a lower cost. They have managed to find ways to make it possible for the people of North America to receive quality health care services without paying much. Consequently, they have managed to make their services accessible to nearly everyone.It is hard to talk about the success of InnovaCare without mentioning its leadership. Besides, it is its leadership that is instrumental in formulating and implementing the policies that make InnovaCare a leading healthcare provider.

On the steering wheel, we have Rick Shinto. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, over two decades of those being in leadership positions, he is automatically the best fit for the leadership of InnovaCare. Before he came to work for InnovaCare, Shinto was the CEO of Aveta Inc. He had worked for Aveta Inc since the year 2008 to the year 2012 and that was where he met Penelope Kokkinides.Penelope Kokkinides is also in the leadership of InnovaCare. She joined InnovaCare as the Chief Operations Officer. However, her winning strategies and her knowledge in healthcare plans got her to be promoted and she is currently the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare.

Waiakea Water: Serving the World

There are still millions of people all over the world without access to clean water and basic sanitation. In cooperation with Pump Aid, Waiakea water is striving to curb the resulting deaths by donating clean water to these needy people. Waiakea selected Pump Aid as a partner because of its focus on Malawi. According to recent studies, Malawi has one of the lowest daily water access and usages in the world. Most of the impoverished citizens of rural Malawi only have access to dirty water and poor sanitation.

The Waiakea team operates by working in cooperation with community members to install Pump Aid’s award-winning Elephant Pump. With the assistance of the community, Waiakea will dig a well and build and install the inner mechanisms. It is important that the community becomes instantly involved in building, installing, and continued maintenance since it will give them a sense of ownership of the pump. The work has Pump Aid has done much to help stem the global water crisis. As a result of what they have done, 1.35 people who would not normally have access to clean water do. They have accomplished this very impressive feat by building, distributing, and installing over 3,200 Elephant Pumps worldwide. These massively effective water pumps are based entirely on a 3,000-year-old Chinese design.

Waiakea hopes that they can assist with Pump Aid’s via this partnership. Waiakea produces and packages its water using renewable energy and the most environmental-friendly practices. The manufacture of the bottles used is also extremely environmental-friendly with 85 percent less energy used and 90 percent less carbon emissions than traditional manufacturing processes. Waiakea is not just average bottled water. It is one of the top premium bottled waters in the world and the first to be certified CarbonNeutral.

Learn more about Waiakea water here:

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Helping Migrants through Private Funds

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two of the most well-known philanthropist in the United States today. They have been known to help people who are coming into the United States through the state of Arizona.

These people came from the poverty stricken nations in South America, who wished to go to the United States to look for a better life. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been opening their homes to those who would seek assistance once they stepped into the territory of Arizona, and what they do is that they assist them in looking for a job, and they would also help them look for a cheap place to live in.

They also assist people, especially those tagged as illegal immigrants; get their own legal papers that would give them the right to live in the United States. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are passionate about their work, and are very willing to accept people who wanted to live in the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The current refugee crisis in Europe has opened the eyes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, and they have seen the situation of the people who are victims of the endless wars in the Middle East. Even if they wanted to extend their help to the people being victimized by the war, the United States is thousands of miles away from the Middle East.

What they did instead was to welcome those who are coming into their own backyard, and they believe that they are helping humanity through their simple gesture.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have opened a private fund called the Frontera Fund, and it has $3.75 million in stock. They are using this fund to help out those who need assistance, and paying for other expenses. This fund came in from a lawsuit that favored them, and they are very thankful to the decision made by the judge.

Back in college, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin opened a publication company called the Phoenix New Times, and they served as the pioneering leaders. This company managed to deliver news to the local population of Arizona, and it was proven to be successful as it managed to become one of the most well-known publication papers in the state.

However, in 2007, a scandal involving Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and the Maricopa county sheriff broke out, and the two were arrested.

They are accused of publishing the Maricopa county sheriff’s address online, along with other malicious information that demonizes the county sheriff. News about their arrest quickly spread, and media companies started to give their support to the two by publishing the same information. The judge who was handling their case dropped the charges against them, and the two were set free.

Immediately after their charges were dropped, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to sue Maricopa County. They provided evidences to support their lawsuit, and they ultimately won. This resulted to them being awarded with a huge sum of money that they use today to help the people in need.