Why is education so important for the development of a country?

The technical knowledge, the quality education that a community has access to opens many doors not only for the nation’s reputation and development but also for their self-interests and dreams as well. Education is one of the most important sectors and rights present in the U.S. Federation law and sometimes it doesn’t receive the proper attention that it deserves.

Betsy DeVos understands the importance of an educational system that encompasses every economic class and every type of family in the U.S. with quality education for everyone. Seems like a utopian dream right? But Betsy DeVos has already made tons of progress in the area, and she is now the newest U.S. secretary of education, leading her nation into a better place for every student in the country. Read more about their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org.

Here’s a brief story of the woman who has been fighting for education for over thirty years now.

The reformer Betsy DeVos is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, from who she borrowed the last name in marriage. Both make one of the most influential philanthropic couples in America, and they have contributed towards a more stable and better educational system through some different initiatives, funding, and partnerships with foundations.

The couple founded together with the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, where, more importantly, Betsy DeVos has already contributed to many capital charities towards schools and education agencies that were trying to offer quality education for low-income families but could use a little bit of help from people of power. She is the chairman of the foundation and Betsy, and her husband does most of their charities through it.

Besides fighting for education, Betsy Devos also contributes towards other goals that she thinks would do good for the people of the U.S. and the culture of the country, including being part of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center and the Mars Hill Bible Church.

Continuing her contributions towards the discipline, she is part of the Kids Hope USA, where she has led committees and helped raise awareness of the educational issue where many parents can’t afford quality education for their children, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, who serves the same purpose of finding solutions for the development of the department.

Betsy is a woman of many talents, having also learned with the school of law, becoming a renowned advocate in the fight for a renovation of the education department called “educational choice movement.” Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Betsy and Dick DeVos met each other when they were at the age of high school, and both studied at Potter’s House Christian School, which they would later visit again and again to check how the school was doing regarding students and the quality of education.

There, they realized the harsh reality of many families not being able to put their children in good schools because of their monetary conditions, even though education was a priority. That realization made the couple become one of the most influential philanthropists alive today.

Now is the Time to Grab some Gems from the Free-Agent Pool

Mid-May is the ideal time for fantasy baseball owners to make one last foray into the free agent market for that one last waiver pick-up which can propel their squad toward playoff contention a few months down the road.


At this stage of the fantasy baseball, a typical MLB lineup is still somewhat in a state of flux. While some players have delivered as expected and others have exceeded expectations so far, there remains quite a few spots on any roster than have been underperforming through the first six weeks of the regular season. The right waiver-wire pick-up can capably fill such a hole in the lineup and provide a fantasy team with a more balanced look that can compete for the rest of the season.


The wire of potential fantasy free agents could include a list of players who are off to slow starts and were dropped by impatient owners or other young talents who are on the verge of breaking out.


An example would be Houston Astros outfielder Marwin Gonzalez. He started slow by hitting only .204 in April albeit with five homers. He has batted .414 so far in May with another four homers and looks a good third outfielder in a lineup at the moment.


Player who started slow, but are picking up steam include Padres pitcher Luis Perdomo, Marlins pitcher Jose Urena, Padres second baseman Ryan Schimpf, and Royals outfielder Jorege Solar.


Among young players who are playing well, but may not have been picked up in some leagues yet include Seattle Mariners outfielder Ben Gamel. He was called up from Triple-A last month and is currently hitting .309 with a pair of homers. Cubs pitcher Eddie Butler is now at Wrigley Field instead of Coors Field.


Other options could include players who could get called up soon such as Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins. Twins first baseman Kenny Vargas recently was called up.


Also, keep an eye on veterans who are starting well such as Athletics second baseman Jed Lowrie.

Rick Shinto Announces Entry of New Executives to InnovaCare Health Firm

InnovaCare Health firm values quality medical care. The company lays strict emphasis on recruitment of qualified professionals to ensure stability, sufficient medical services, and professional growth. InnovaCare Health values teamwork. According to Rick Shinto, good communication and proper working relationships are core ingredients to the greater success of the firm. The mission statement of InnovaCare is to redefine the healthcare management industry to ensure absolute transparency. View the company profile at LinkedIn.


InnovaCare Health outfit has two Medicare cover affiliations: PMC Medicare and the MMM Healthcare choice. Both medical covers are accredited with the NCQA accreditation. NCQA accreditation is only issued when a healthcare company meets and goes beyond the quality assurance expectations. They combine quality improvement standards and patient protection to determine which firm gets or is denied the accreditation. They offer premium care programs, which promote the emotional and physical well-being of the customers. From the feedback on their website, Rick Shinto indicates that the patient satisfaction is at 90 percent, an indicative factor that the company and the two Medicare covers are a success.

Rick Shinto is a leader in the medical industry, as the CEO of the InnovaCare Health, Shinto offers tremendous technical experience and leadership of over two decades of service in clinical and research healthcare. He won the Young and Ernst Entrepreneur of the year while serving in Aveta firm. The award appreciates Entrepreneurs committed to excellence. He began his career as a pulmonologist intern in Southern California. He once was the vice president of the Medical Management Company. Orange County’s Cal Optima is yet another firm where Rick Shinto worked as the chief medical officer. Also, he was the primary operation and medical director of the pathways pharmaceutical company before moving to NAMM California and later to InnovaCare Health firm.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/innovacare-health

Writing Career and Education Background

As a healthcare authority, Shinto has authored several books and published articles on diverse health issues such as clinical medicine. Rick graduated with a degree in Business Studies from the University of California proceeded to the Redlands University where he got his M.B.A , and later progressed to the State University of New York to acquire a medical degree.

Expansion of Executive Team

InnovaCare Health firm recently added three more professionals including Penelope Kokkinides to the executive team. Since joining the InnovaCare family, the new employees have offered valuable services attracting a huge customer base. With the guidance of Rick Shinto, better medical care has been made more available to the Puerto Rican residents.

Oncotarget: Research, Technology And Oncology

Oncotarget is a company dedicated to the field of oncological research. Since the company was first formed, they have been working towards making new discoveries in the area of oncology to aid the doctors and the patients that they treat. There is a lot of research being conducted in the area, but few of them reach the doctors that they are supposed to. Particular research that has been done in the past few years can immensely aid oncologists, and Oncotarget aims to give doctors access to these researchers to help their process of diagnosing and treating patients.

Oncotarget functions as a peer to peer review journal whereby physicians and scientists all over the world can contribute their findings, and help other doctors and their diagnoses. This has helped oncologists to find ways and treatments which they otherwise would not have known about if it hadn’t been for Oncotarget. But it isn’t just the latest findings that the journal touches upon; Oncotarget also publishes articles on the newest technology that doctors and surgeons can implement to make their work more efficient. In short, Oncotarget serves as an all around guidance to medical practitioners, giving them information on the news updates in the medical world. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Oncotarget is led by a group of individuals who are known in the field for their dedication to oncology and their ability to find the latest discoveries in the field. Oncotarget is headed by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov who are both practicing oncologists. With their experience working in the profession, they have been able to quickly gauge at what doctors are on the lookout for which is one thing that has made Oncotarget such a huge success. Oncotarget has been of more service to the medical community than one would expect since doctors don’t have to look into numerous sources to find their information.

The journal is published once a week and is accessible to anyone who wants to read about the latest findings in the medical field. Even people who aren’t doctors but who like reading about medicine, in general, will find that Oncotarget is a good source of information. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

George Soros Leads The Battle Against The Rising Right Wing In The U.S.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle was one of the most bitter and controversial in living memory as Republican Donald Trump overcame the bid of Hillary Clinton to become the first female U.S. President. The rising number of wealthy donors who have been backing both Democratic and Republican candidates and causes have been joined once more by major Democrat donor George Soros who has made a return to political giving after refusing to become involved in a major way in the 2008 and 2012 election campaigns; Soros made his name as a political donor in 2004 when his $27 million backing of the campaign of Democrat John Kerry made headlines around the world, Politico reports.

During both the 2004 and 2016 election cycles the Hungarian born billionaire with a level of personal wealth estimated at more than $25 billion in April 2017 by Forbes explained his belief that these election cycles were among the most important in history. During the 2004 election cycle George Soros explained his belief that President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was unlawful and added to his belief that the right wing forces in the Bush Administration were too powerful and threatening the freedoms and democracy of the world. Similarly, in 2016, George Soros has been one of the most vocal critics of now President Donald Trump and his use of racist rhetoric on the campaign trail; Soros has gone so far as to explain his belief that the entire world has been placed at risk by the rise of Donald Trump and the right wing extremists who have joined him in The White House. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

Many conservative commentators have become concerned about the influence of George Soros in elections, but his contributions and political involvement have been largely limited to the 2004 and 2016 elections because of ideological differences between himself and the Administration of President Barrack Obama. That is not to say George Soros has not used his personal fortune in a bid to bring about a better life for millions of people in the U.S. and across the planet, including his remarkable work conducted through the Open Society Foundations the U.S. citizen established in the 1980s to fight against totalitarianism across Eastern Europe and South Africa. In providing $25 million for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, George Soros began a campaign as much in support of his political friend of 25 years as it was a bid to halt the rise of right wing groups across the U.S. Through his work with the Democracy Alliance the battle with Donald Trump has expanded to include a grassroots campaign to elect Democrat’s at local and state level in 2018 backed by George Soros and his fellow Democrat donors determined to battle the rise of Donald Trump.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Analysis On Wager Made By Warren Buffett

Tim Armour openly analyzes the $1 million wager made by Warren Buffett. The wager was a $1 million donation to charity, but was made on some pretty astounding claims.

According to the wager that was made, Warren Buffett would be competing against Hedge fund managers. However, Buffett would only be investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. As it stands, Mr. Buffett will most likely be the one collecting on the bet.

Tim Armour analyzes the approach that Buffett is taking, and reveals his opinion on the stance Buffett is making, as well as the positives and negatives of the wager.

According to Armour, there are too many expensive options, and risky options, that hedge fund managers tend to fall back on. Armour supports the commitment to investing in stock that is low cost and simple. These investments should be held on a long term basis, and can be very profitable for both the investor and the hedge fund manager.

This method is considered a form of bottom-up investing, which involves rigorously analyzing lower cost stock and its future potential. However, these investments must be chosen carefully.

However, he does admit that many of these investments are risky, but not as financially risky as the mediocre, high end stocks that have become the “go to” stocks used by most hedge funds.

Who is Tim Armour
Tim Armour is the CEO and a chairman for Capital Group . He has over 34 years of experience in the Capital Group. His expertise is focused in global telecommunications and the U.S. Service companies.

For more information about Tim Armour, just click here. https://www.americanfunds.com/advisor/insights/market-commentary/tda-rwl-qavolatility.html