Quality Wine Tastings in Your Home With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard started in 2001 with the simple idea of bringing wine to their clients in their own home. Since that first tasting The Traveling Vineyard has graced many homes with tasting and pairings of fine wines, educational Wine Guides, and great friendships. By 2010 Traveling Vineyard had thousands of independent consultants who worked in more than 100,000 tasting events. The Traveling Vineyard has given the opportunity to many people with a passion for wine to become a Wine Guide.

The Traveling Vineyard offers a training program that is simple with great support. Once you apply to be a Wine Guide you are assigned to an already experienced “leader” in the region you are located. Wine Guides have the opportunity to shadow their leaders at their events and can learn the ins and outs of Traveling Vineyard. Aside from learning from their leaders, prospective Wine Guides have an online resource-training center. You get access to Traveling Vineyards successful training modules that include biographies of their wines with in depth instructions on how to conduct a tasting and build a team.

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company, but with a distinct niche. Traveling Vineyard provides everything a Wine Guide would need to become successful in the company for a low start up cost and no hidden fees. They offer the ideal product of quality wine to sell to their clients, which make The Traveling Vineyard a great business to be apart of.

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Details of Shooting at New Brunswick Apartment Community in 2015, and Armed Robberies of Pizza Delivery Drivers–2013–in New Brunswick, New Jersey

The New Brunswick apartment community—the Quincy–has seemingly been viewed as a trouble-spot for crime, during the current decade: and with regards to it, the shooting that occurred on October 5th of 2015 was no exception. Three shots were fired around 9:30 pm in the evening. The information was attained from that of radio transmissions supplied by the police department. The city police quickly responded to the shooting, which occurred in the area of 33 Commercial Avenue. The response to the shooting was confirmed by Police Captain J.T. Miller. The information was provided by a spoke-person for the New Brunswick Police Department (NBPD).


After the shooting occurred, an individual arrived at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital—a short time later—with a wound which proved non-threatening in nature—according to Captain Miller.


Police detectives are involved in an on-going investigation of the case. The identities of the suspect and victims are being withheld due to charges which may soon follow. The shooting occurred within the approximate locale of Building #1 of the complex—again, located at 33 Commercial Avenue within the First Ward.


The two-hundred six -unit apartment community is owned by a limited liability corporation with its home-base in North Quincy, Massachusetts. It is situated across the street from the Rutgers University Police Department Headquarters.


The victim was transported to the Hospital by way of a dark-colored Honda automobile—according to transmissions of the NBPD. The suspect was described as a male, wearing a Hoodie. He fled towards Neilsen Street—according to police radio transmissions.


Also, a New Brunswick man was charged in the connection of several pizza delivery robberies. The perpetrator, Parysh Wood was linked to the armed robberies, by police, through means of cell phone data. Wood was charged with multiple armed robberies. He focused on pizza delivery drivers within the South Brunswick area; according to the South Brunswick Police Department. He has been formally charged with the robbery of a pizza delivery driver which occurred last November.


Wood also goes by the nicknames of “Pistol” and “P-Gun”. He is twenty-one years of age. Wood was charged with the November robbery while serving time in the Middlesex County Jail. Wood is serving time for other armed robberies which involved pizza delivery drivers, according to Sgt. Jim Ryan of the South Brunswick Police Department.


The most current charge occurred at 9:30 p.m. on November 30th of 2013, in the parking lot, located at Quincy Circle, in the Dayton Section of South Brunswick, NJ. An armed man demanded that the delivery driver give him his pizza and his money. The South Brunswick Police Department in working in cooperation with the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office was able to obtain data from Wood’s cellular device. They used the information in order to link him to the time of the robbery and location of the crime.


Chief Raymond Hayducka informated Patch.com that the case was solved—after the crime was committed—due to the fact that investigators refused to give up in solving it. Hayducka further added that due to the digital age, many criminals will leave their digital footprint.


Justina Hampton, 19, of North Brunswick, along with Wood were arrested in January—in connection with other armed robberies of Pizza Delivery Drivers. Wood remained in the county jail. He is being held on $100,000 bail. Sgt. Ryan said he expects to see more arrests, coming from the investigation—that remains on-going.




Norman Pattiz Surprises his Fans by Adding a New Paranormal Show to Jericho Network Collection

Norman Pattiz has been on a mission of redefining the broadcasting sector. He has instituted several media services providers and introduced incredible programs to meet the demands of fans. Recently, Mr. Norman stated that the unique show, Beyond the Darkness, would concentrate on exploring paranormal. He added that the new podcast would be incorporated into the Chris Jericho’s podcast network. Beyond the Darkness would create an avenue for world leading researchers and experiencers to throw light on all the theories and myths behind miracles, monster encounters, aliens, demons, ghouls, miracles, and ghosts.




PodcastOne has selected experts in research, authorship, and radio programming to serve as hosts for this new podcast. Author Dave Schrader will join forces with radio host Dave Schrader to turn this podcast into a huge success. Fans will have a chance to check out new episodes of the show every Monday by visiting PodcastOne.com, iTunes, or downloading the PodcastOne app.


Accomplishments of Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho has worked around the clock to become one of the forces of PodcastOne Network. Mr. Norman stated that Jericho had demonstrated his commitment to expanding The Jericho Network Collection from day one. He developed the network beyond hosting wrestling superstars to top comedians.


Chris Jericho was happy to announce the introduction of the new show to The Jericho Network. He promised the fans to expect an incredible tour and experience to the world of paranormal. Jericho was confident the Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader would deliver.


Who is Norman Pattiz?


Mr. Norman Pattiz has succeeded in building a successful career in the arena of broadcasting in the past 40 years. He directs the day-to-day operational initiatives of PodcastOne. He founded this firm towards the end of 2012. Under his guidance, PodcastOne has become the largest producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. The company has a line-up of prominent personalities, including Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Laura Ingraham, and Shaquille O’Neil. It also includes popular brands such as Freakonomics, WNYC’s Radiolab, TheCHIVE, and more than 200 popular podcasts.


Mr. Norman is one of the lucky individuals to be part of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) under the tenure of both President Clinton and President Bush.  Mr. Norman has won awards and honors for his ability to create successful media startups.

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The Growth of Fabletics to a $250 Million Revenue Firm

Fabletics is an online fashion retailer for high quality and pocket-friendly active wear for women. Kate Hudson cofounded the online store in 2013 with the aim of providing athletic wear and accessories to women to help them look great. Since inception, the company has generated over $250 million revenue and opened sixteen physical stores in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. The fashion brand operates its online shop through membership subscription where they provide outfits based on the member’s lifestyle and personal preference. The company functions as a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group (formerly known as JustFab).


About Fabletics

Fabletics, which previously started as a provider of athletic wear, has expanded its inventory to include dresses and swimsuits. The high-value brands from their competitors are renowned for being overly expensive. However, in this era, most customers check on the excellent customer experience, unique design, and brand recognition to identify the high-value brands.


The Growth Strategy at Fabletics

Showrooming has been a challenge among most fashion stores where people browse offline and then visit other places to purchase the same item at a lower price. However, Fabletics has managed to curb this problem with their membership subscription model where most of the people visiting their online shops are members. Additionally, a significant percentage of people become members on visiting their stores. When a customer tries a piece of clothing, Fabletics includes it in the members shopping cart where they can purchase it at their convenience.


Additionally, Fabletics has used a combination of global fashion trends with the customers’ preference to provide satisfactory results. Most of the physical stores stock only the items that appeal to them. They also observe the current trends on the social media and the local members without interviewing them. However, there is more to gaining more customers by conducting tests and having interviews on every person’s trend and Fabletics has succeeded in achieving that. The online fashion retailer‘s knowledge of the lifestyle trends and excellent customer service has contributed to a 35% growth of the company. Their marketing strategy and different programs that they provide to the customers have seen them compete very well with renowned companies like Amazon.


Membership Subscription

Fabletics has made shopping easy for their members by making personalized outfits that suit their lifestyles. The clients choose from the thousands of styles given to them after which they shop as guests or VIP members. They award their VIP members with free royalty points and free shipping for orders exceeding $49.95. The members also get to save almost 50% off the regular pricing.


The VIP Members pay a subscription fee of $49.95 every month if they choose to buy an item. Before fifth of every month, a member should make a choice between “make an order” and “skip the month.” Fabletics does not charge the VIP subscription fee if you choose the “skip the month” option. The members are free to cancel their subscription at any time by contacting their customer service team.

The Impact Driverless Cars Could Have On Williamson County

Science fiction movies have been predicting them for years, but it appears reality has finally caught up with us: driverless cars are now being implemented across the nation. For those in Williamson County, these advances may seem distant. However, there is a chance that they could show up sooner than you think and have a major impact.



What Are Driverless Cars?

If you’ve heard of Uber and similar companies, you already know what driverless cars are: they are automatic cars that lack drivers. Instead they use a variety of sensors and automatic controls to move it forward and pick up people and drop them off. They have become very big in certain parts of the country, particularly on the west coast. In Williamson County, they haven’t quite picked up yet.


Driverless cars offer a variety of benefits that could help expand and improve on Williamson County’s traffic situation. Mike Heiligenstein and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority recently discussed how these cars could change the traffic situation and whether or not it was feasible to integrate them into Williamson County. Their conclusions were somewhat mixed.



What Mike Heiligenstein Had To Say

When meeting with various driverless company representatives, Heiligenstein had to admit that the technology was intriguing to him. The idea of driverless cars was particularly impressive because of the ways it could create a stronger public transportation system in the area. Driverless cars could serve like low-cost taxi and bus transportation systems that needed minimal upkeep.


However, Heiligenstein expressed some concerns over whether or not the county was quite ready for this upgrade. While he and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority have done a lot over the last decade to improve the sometimes congested traffic problem in the country, there is still work to be done. He was particularly concerned with whether or not the infrastructure of the county and the surrounding cities were prepared for it.



Could They Be Coming Soon?

The reality of driverless cars isn’t likely to impact the county for at least several years. First of all, building codes needed to be changed to allow for appropriate parking garages. These garages would be much smaller, as they’d only need to have room for the cars they stored.


That said, when they do come, the impact would be incredible. Much of the traffic problems that plague the area would disappear quickly. With a few years of perfection, this could streamline the Williamson county traffic situation and make it more manageable.

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Cotemar’s Success Has Been Built on Old-Fashioned Principles

Cotemar is a name that is often associated with Mexican offshore petroleum work, but not everyone fully understands what the company does. Cotemar has been in operation since 1979, and provides key operational support for oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Specifically, Cotemar focuses on four main areas of support:
1) accommodations and food for rig crews,
2) maritime and specialized ocean transport for equipment movement,
3) rig construction and related engineering for fabrication and modifications to existing constructs, and
4) harvested petroleum transport via tankers.

Their success as an industrial support vendor in the offshore oil business has been built Cotemar a solid loyalty from customers. Much of that loyalty has been based on Cotemar’s dedication to value, doing the job right the first time, and always giving the client what was expected and ordered. Dependability and trustworthiness have been the twin cornerstones of Cotemar’s services, which in turn has created a strong portfolio of return customers and long-term business accounts at http://cotemar.com.mx/servicios/. No surprise, that in turn has produced for Cotemar over 35 years of revenue and company growth.

It’s been a long time now since 1979, and Cotemar is partnered today with some of the biggest names in offshore oil mining in the Gulf. For example, Cotemar has maintained a long relationship with Pemex, the Mexican national oil conglomerate. In addition, Cotemar has been able to expand operations into running its own rigs as well. And the company has repeatedly invested in significant capital investments in the last few years, most notably expanding its ocean fleet with state of the art vessels on Indeed.com.

Given the world’s demand for oil and petroleum products continuing to grow, Cotemar fully expects to be in the offshore oil business for another 35 years on cotemar.com.